How to get from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Athens, Greece

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Driving directions from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Athens, Greece

A1, A 3

1,748.8 mi1 day 7 mins

Head southeast on Nieuwmarkt 200 feet
Turn left onto Nieuwmarkt 300 feet
Continue onto Geldersekade 0.3 mi
Continue onto Oosterdokskade 600 feet
Turn right onto De Ruijterkade (S100) 900 feet
Continue onto Piet Heinkade (S100) 1.1 mi
Turn left onto Piet Heintunnel (S114) 1.3 mi
Continue onto IJburglaan (S114) 0.4 mi
Take the ramp on the right towards A10: Amersfoort 0.4 mi
Merge left onto Ringweg-Oost (A10) 0.8 mi
Take the ramp towards A1: Hengelo 6.8 mi
Keep right towards A1: Hengelo 24.1 mi
Take exit 15 towards A30: Barneveld 0.3 mi
Keep right towards A30: Arnhem 200 feet
Continue towards A30 5.6 mi
Take exit 3 towards Lunteren 4.5 mi
Keep left towards A12: Gelderse Vallei 1.0 mi
Merge left towards A12 26.4 mi
Continue onto A 3 40.4 mi
Take the ramp towards Köln 193.4 mi
Take the ramp towards Rohrbrunn 700 feet
Enter the roundabout and take the 2nd exit towards Rohrbrunn 200 feet
Exit the roundabout towards Rohrbrunn 10.5 mi
Turn right onto Claushofstraße (MSP 27) 1,000 feet
Turn left to stay on Claushofstraße (MSP 27) 900 feet
Turn left onto Eichenfürster Straße 0.9 mi
Continue straight 0.3 mi
Turn right onto B 8 1.8 mi
Take the ramp on the right 900 feet
Merge left onto A 3 28.4 mi
Take the ramp onto A 3 0.2 mi
Keep left onto A 3 0.3 mi
Keep left towards Nürnberg 0.6 mi
Continue onto A 7 0.3 mi
Keep left towards Nürnberg 0.3 mi
Keep left towards A 3: Nürnberg 202.7 mi
Continue onto Innkreis Autobahn (A8) 37.8 mi
Take the ramp towards Graz 9.5 mi
Continue towards Kirchdorf 36.1 mi
Continue onto Bosrucktunnel (A9) 106.7 mi
Continue onto A1 (Šentilj-Maribor) (A1) 7.7 mi
Keep left onto A1 (Šentilj-Maribor) Razcep Dragučova (A1) 0.8 mi
Continue onto A1 (Maribor-Ljubljana) Razcep Dragučova (A1) 1.5 mi
Continue onto A1 (Maribor-Ljubljana) predor Malečnik (A1) 5.8 mi
Keep right towards Zagreb (HR) 0.9 mi
Continue onto A4 (Slivnica - Draženci) (A4) 11.4 mi
Continue onto A4 (Draženci-Gruškovje) (A4) 9.3 mi
Continue onto A2 38.2 mi
Merge left towards A3: Slavonski Brod 2.3 mi
Take the ramp 0.2 mi
Keep left towards Zagreb jug 0.3 mi
Keep left towards Slavonski Brod 600 feet
Merge left towards Slavonski Brod 177.8 mi
Turn right 300 feet
Turn left 200 feet
Take the ramp on the right 0.3 mi
Merge left onto A3 57.8 mi
Keep right towards A 1: Budapest(HU) 0.7 mi
Continue onto A1 284.7 mi
Keep straight onto Пријателство (A1) 68.7 mi
Continue onto Θεσσαλονίκης - Ευζώνων (ΕΟ1) 1.0 mi
Continue onto Αθήνα - Θεσσαλονίκη - Εύζωνοι (Α1) 37.0 mi
Keep right towards Α1: Πολύκαστρο 0.8 mi
Merge left onto Εγνατία Οδός (Α1) 7.3 mi
Continue towards Athina 287.6 mi
Take the ramp 300 feet
Go straight onto Κηφισού 800 feet
Make a slight left 100 feet
Turn left 200 feet
Go straight towards Παράπλευρη Οδός 200 feet
Continue straight to stay on Κηφισού 700 feet
Turn right onto Σιώκου 0.2 mi
Turn right onto Λιοσίων 0.9 mi
Keep left onto Λιοσίων 0.7 mi
Turn left onto Μάρνη 800 feet
You have arrived at your destination, on the left

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Amsterdam, Netherlands - Athens, Greece

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