How to get from Avoca, ND, USA to Alamo, CA, USA

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Driving directions from Avoca, ND, USA to Alamo, CA, USA

I 94 $west, Dwight D. Eisenhower Highway

1,485.2 mi1 day 1 hour 2 mins

Head southwest on 132nd Avenue Northwest 0 feet
Continue onto 53rd Lane Northwest 2.4 mi
Turn left onto 134th Avenue Northwest (US 85B) 1.8 mi
Continue onto 11th Street East (US 85B) 0.4 mi
Continue onto 20th Avenue East (US 85B) 0.4 mi
Turn right onto East Broadway (ND 1804) 0.8 mi
Turn left onto 7th Avenue East (ND 1804) 800 feet
Continue onto 1st Street East (ND 1804) 0.7 mi
Turn left onto 2nd Street West (ND 1804) 1.6 mi
Merge right onto Dakota Parkway (US 2 W) 5.5 mi
Turn left onto 143rd Avenue Northwest (ND 1804) 15.9 mi
Continue onto State Highway 58 (ND 58) 9.7 mi
Turn right onto ND 200 0.4 mi
Continue onto MT 200 16.0 mi
Continue onto MT 16 47.1 mi
Take the ramp on the right 0.3 mi
Merge left onto I 94 W 212.4 mi
Continue onto I 90 W 148.0 mi
Take the ramp towards MT 205 0.3 mi
Turn left onto North 7th Avenue 1.3 mi
Turn right onto West Main Street (US 191) 1.7 mi
Continue onto Huffine Lane (US 191) 5.3 mi
Turn left onto Gallatin Road (US 191) 81.5 mi
Continue onto North Canyon Street (US 191) 900 feet
Turn right onto Firehole Avenue (US 20) 0.3 mi
Continue onto Targhee Pass Highway (US 20) 106.8 mi
Take the ramp onto US 20 46.9 mi
Take the ramp towards I 86 West: Chubbuck 0.4 mi
Continue onto I 86 W 63.0 mi
Merge left onto I 84 47.2 mi
Take the ramp towards US 93: Twin Falls 0.9 mi
Turn left onto US 93 4.0 mi
Turn right onto Pole Line Road West (US 93) 2.3 mi
Continue onto North 2400 East (US 93) 114.9 mi
Take the ramp on the right towards I 80 West: Elko 0.3 mi
Merge left onto Dwight D. Eisenhower Highway (I 80) 351.4 mi
Continue onto Alan S. Hart Freeway (I 80 W) 109.0 mi
Keep left onto North Sacramento Beltline Freeway (I 80 W) 54.3 mi
Keep right towards I 680: Benicia 13.0 mi
Continue onto Benicia-Martinez Bridge (I 680 S) 11.3 mi
Keep left towards I 680: San Jose 1.6 mi
Continue onto Donald D Doyle Highway (I 680 S) 3.3 mi
Take exit 42A towards Stone Valley Road East 0.2 mi
Turn right onto Stone Valley Road 900 feet
Make a U-turn and continue on Stone Valley Road 500 feet
You have arrived at your destination

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Avoca, ND, USA - Alamo, CA, USA

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